Advice for Additional Driving Practise

Who can supervise my additional driving practise?

Anyone you practise your driving with (without paying them) must:

  • be over 21
  • be qualified to drive the type of vehicle you want to learn in, for example they must have a manual car licence if they’re supervising you in a manual car
  • have had their full driving licence for 3 years (from the UK, the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein)

Rules for Learning to Drive

The car you learn in must display ‘L’ plates.You can drive at any time, day and night.You can only drive on motorways if all of the following apply:

  • you’re driving in England, Scotland or Wales
  • you’re with an approved driving instructor
  • the car is fitted with dual controls


You need your own insurance as a learner driver if you’re practising in a car you own. Your family member or friend will usually be covered on this to supervise you as long as they meet the Government guidelines to supervise a learner driver.If you’re practising in someone else’s car, you need to make sure their insurance policy covers you as a learner driver. We have found Collingwood Insurance offer a very good policy which is specifically for learner drivers and there are others available.

Theory Test

You must have a provisional licence to book your theory test. There are 2 parts to the test:

You must pass both parts to pass the test.
You can take the theory test from your 17th birthday onwards, you can only book your practical driving test when you have passed the theory test so a lot of students like to start practising for this before they even start their lessons. If you book a block of lessons with us we will give you access to Theory Test Pro that can assist you in being ready for the test.

Advice for Supervising Drivers

The same rules apply as a supervising driver than if you were the actual driver:

  • Do not use any handheld device whilst supervising.
  • You must not supervise a learner whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Ensure the appropriate insurance policy is in place for the learner to be driving the car.

Good Practice for Supervising Drivers

  • Check the driver’s progress with their instructor first, are they ready?
  • Remain calm and stay alert,remember you are supervising a learner.
  • Give clear instructions, in plenty of time.
  • Set a focus for the drive, what does the learner want to have achieved by the end of the drive?